Arthur (Spark) the Pikachu

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Arthur (Spark) the Pikachu

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:01 pm

Pikachu   Pika 
Arthur (Also known as Spark)
agender (bio female)
[level] 5
[moveset] Thunder Shock, Tail Whip
[items] Long yellow scarf
[team] none
[Short biography]
An adventurous and quirky Pokemon with an arrow-shaped tail and green eyes. They tend to not speak as much (unless they are speaking of a topic that excites them) and they will stay away from others.

Chimeco Assembly!

Chimeco wrote:Here's the rest of your team! Don't worry, they're waiting to join you on your adventure!
Squirtle (Clone)
Tackle, Tail Whip.
Hatched 8/27/2014 by LightningSpark


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