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Forum Rules

Hello! This is Tifa, the Admin of this lovely forum, and founder of this community. Now, with every community, there are a few rules that you must abide to, or there are some minor/major penalties. Follow these simple rules, and you could very well be a grand addition to our community!

(Number 1)
This must be the most basic of all rules.. Be respectful to everyone! If you treat people nicely, they'll return their gratitude!

(Number 2)
No swearing or showing any images rated higher than PG13! Remember, Pokemon is a family friendly game, which means there are tons of children on this forum! Not to mention, it's just downright disgusting.

(Number 3)
Do not beg or harass the moderators, members, or anyone in general. No moderator enjoys being asked 1,000,000 times to promote someone, and no member wants to be harassed over a battle request. At some point, a moderator will respond to your request, and a member will battle you.

The failure to respect these three rules will result in the following:
1) A warning, depending on which rule was violated and how it was violated
2) Temporary ban will happen after two warnings, for we don't tolerate rule breakers
3) Permanent ban will happen after one temporary ban, since they didn't seem to learn from their mistakes

Din, the goddess of power and whom created the red earth, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom whom created time and law, and Farore, the goddess of courage and whom created all life forms in this world... The goddesses who made the vast land should be appreciated.

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