How to Become a Gym Leader

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How to Become a Gym Leader

Post by Tifa on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:08 pm

Gym Leader

Hey guys! This is Tifa, once again with another guide on how to become a Gym Leader!
Now, being a Gym Leader is quite some honor, although becoming one is hard work.

(Number 1)
You have to be active! If you're not active, we're not going to accept your request. Once you are a Gym Leader, you must be active every day! People will want to fight you!

(Number 2)
You're going to fight many others for this rank in a pyramid scheme, the final trainer having gained their respective discipline.

(Number 3)
You must have a full team of your discipline! You can't be a Water-type gym leader with an Electric-type team.

Well now that's easy, isn't it? You cannot be revoked of your Gym Leader title, unless you fail to meet these simple rules.

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