Kyrie and friends

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Kyrie and friends

Post by Kyrie_Zorua on Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:31 am

(Sorry, but I don't exactly do "short" bios ^^" got too used to typing or making very long ones.)

Kyrie Ladarkus
Lvl. 5
Scratch, Leer, Pursuit
A purple ribbon on her right ear and a luvdisc necklace. Sometimes has a blue colored bag with her.
The third youngest of six siblings. She left her home to join Wigglytuff's guild and wants to keep on doing rescue jobs, but likes to explore too. Kyrie is almost never seen without her two accessories. Her bag though, she only brings it when she goes on a mission. This zorua's favorite snack and drink is black gummies and black gummi shakes ever since she had discovered them. She says that she gave away her two blue ribbons two some other mons and got a purple ribbon and a luvdisc necklace in return.

Giran Ladarkus
Lvl. 5
Scratch, Leer, Pursuit
A black scarf on her tail and a ruby heart tied around her neck like a necklace.
The second youngest of the six siblings. After begging to her parents, she went after her sister and joined the guild with her, doing item retrieving and outlaw getting missions most of the time and loves exploring new dungeons. Giran may be seen without her scarf, which her mother made for her, but never without her ruby heart. Kyrie said that it came from someone else and gave it to her, and the zorua cherishes it.

Lvl. 5
Scratch, Leer, Taunt
Has a red short scarf around his neck and a dark brown scarf on his waist which is turned to his side. (He's a normal colored sneasel now!)
An orphan who can't remember his past well. He tries his best to do well in guild missions, trying any kind of mission there is on the two boards. Night was just staying around Chansey's Daycare when he got to Treasure Town, until he saw Kyrie around and seeing her go to the guild made him think that he should join and maybe at some point, be able to confess his crush on the zorua. He got the red scarf from Chansey after he helped her a bit in the daycare, but the origins of his dark brown scarf is unknown.

Sutomu Kimura (Sutomu means Storm while the meaning of Kimura is Tree village from what I got. Both are Japanese words/names)
Lvl. 5
Thunder Shock, Tail Whip, Growl
A long green scarf and bandages on his left arm. (It's one of those long bandages, okay?)
A somewhat strange pikachu who came from far away. He is taller than normal pikachus and seems to have yellow orange fur instead of the normal yellow but isn't a shiny. Sutomu keeps on saying he used to live in a tree house in a forest, but gets irritated if someone would think it was like a tree house to play in as it wasn't. He said that his family has a tradition in singing and can speak Japanese, so he does both. He is also a traveler, but when he found Treasure Town, he started to live in it and just sends letters to his family once in a while. The scarf was given to him by his father while the pikachu got the bandages on his travels. He joined Wigglytuff's guild to be able to explore new places, battle and help pokemons.

Chimeco Assembly!

Chimeco wrote:Here's the rest of your team! Don't worry, they're waiting to join you on your adventure!
Squirtle (Clone)
Tackle, Tail Whip.
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