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How to Join

Post by Rayshin on Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:18 am

Pokemon Rangers is Recruiting and We want you!
Here's a description of the Group  
Pokemon Rangers are the Moderators of the forum and we are here to help and protect trainers and make sure that no one is treated unfairly and of course mod the chat box as well the forum topics. Pokemon Rangers is also a Team that can compete in the forums tournaments and other events as well as hosting them. Pokemon Rangers help Trainers with (in-game) knowledge and forum knowledge.
Here are the Requirements To Join the (Pokemon Rangers)

1.must be active in forum
2.must have 4 months membership to forum
3.must have a great attitude towards forum-users & Trainers
4.Must have at least one shiny Pokemon & one Legendary Pokemon (non shiny)
5.Must have basic knowledge of all Pokemon Games released on the (DS-3DS)
6.Must have at least 500 forum Post or post reply's in topics
7.Must of have at least 4 badges (on forum) 8 badges (in-game)
8.No religious or political views allowed in the group
9.Must fill out Application (which is located below)
10.Must have at least (30,000 Nav-points to apply) they will not be reduce if (accepted/denied)
(Application Form) Must copy and paste form and reply to this (Post) for your Application to be reviewed and a decision will be Pm to you (private Message).
If (Denied) please wait a weak to re-apply.

3.Favorite Pokemon:
4.why do you want to join The Pokemon Rangers:
5:What could you bring to the Pokemon Rangers:
6.What is your favorite Pokemon Game:
7.Friend Code:
8.How active are you:
9. If asked can you Host or Assist a admin with a tournament:
10.Tell us about your self and maybe share a Pokemon journey you experienced (in-game) or (RolePlayed):
11. if asked to manage Nav Points to the tournament winners or event winners could you?:
That's it for the Application Good luck Trainer And remember if you don't make it there's away's next time. Please let the Rangers review you application in could possibly take up to a Day if we missed your Application please send a message to a Ranger and it will be reviewed.


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